The History of Waterjet Corporation


Founded in 1991, Waterjet Corporation has enjoyed fantastic growth worldwide focusing on manufacturing and salling of ultra-high pressure accurate waterjet cutting machines. 

In 1997 the presently used main plant and office building in Monza is bought with a view to grouping and handling from there all activities related to our activity: designing, manufacturing, researching, sales and assistance.

In 2000 the Company WATERSTONE s.r.l. has been set up and a second manufacturing plant is opened to assembly the newly developed water-texturing machines (WaterStone™ and BrushStone™), 

In 2001, a new R&D and show room department opens in a third building increasing also 50% production capacity

In 2004 a global development phase sets out with the target of opening new Exclusive Distributors abroad and enhancing market penetration and customer support in different continents.

So, on March 15th 2004, Waterjet Corporation signed an official exclusive agreement with Waterjet Middle East Fzco in order to support Middle East market with spare parts and local service

On March 1st 2005, as a result of improving internal procedures in abidance by international quality standards,WATERJETCORPORATION s.r.l. obtains the standard ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certification to Always guarantee a top quality MADE IN ITALY product

On May 25th 2006, till  December 31st Waterjet Corporation signed another official exclusive agreement with a new distributor Arabian Waterjet Co in Riyadh to cover only the Saudi Arabia region as after sales support.

From April 7th 2006 till December 31st 2009 MC Machinery System Inc. signed with WATERJET CORPORATION an exclusive 4 years agreement to import private label high pressure waterjet cutting machines  into the whole of North American markets, thus creating a synergy between WATERJET’s technological expertise and MC's US wide distribution and after-sales support network.

On 19th April 2011 a global synergy contract for the stone industry only has been signed with BRETON Spa in order to manufacture a private label range of hi-tech and quality waterjet machines to distribute trough their existing world sales network.

On September 20th 2012, Waterjet Corporation signed an official exclusive agreement with Waterjet USA Geneva Illinois to cover all North America as sales and after sales support for all existing customers and dealer network.

On June 24th 2014 the official Company of the Group Waterjet Maschinenandel Gmbh started operation in Frankfurt to import, sell, support and manage all German Territory in exclusivity for Waterjet Corporation machineries

On May 2nd 2015, Waterjet USA LLC has inaugurated the New Technical Center & Show Room in Elgine – IL in order to support locally any live cutting demonstration by the latest Hi-Tech SUPREMA 5 axis "Edge 5” Technology , develop customized R&D, train customers operator and organize open house for dealers and clients.

In September 2015, Watejet Corporation launched its Spanish office Waterjet Ibérica to import, sell, support and manage the Latin world in exclusivity.

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