Waterjet Work Concept

"As easy as drinking a glass of water"
The idea to work with a supersonic high pressure water jet aims to utilized the elements that nature offers respecting it at the same time (Ecological System).
Water,the most common natural resource and source of life, it is key to work in the modern context .

A water jet pushed from an intensifier pump it is able to increase its pressure up to 6.000 Bar (87.000 PSI) to accumulate energy that can be used as a work tool.
The water jet philosophy can be summarized in two key points:
which depending on the settings of the ejecting nozzle size and on the synchronized movement system, may produce different results.
In case of "Waterjet” application, the water jet can be used as a cutting tool for soft materials or as texturing's one for all stone materials "WaterStone ™”
If mixed with the Garnet abrasive, the supersonic water jet is just the transmission vehicle for this tool, which is ejected with the kinetic energy needed to generate a perfect cut on all different materials.
During usage in a quarry to create blocks or underground tunnels, the water jet becomes a "breaking erosion” tool able to open section on all different stone surfaces.
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